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FDD promotes economic terrorism against Iranian nation: Foreign Ministry

Iran’s Foreign Ministry repeats its assertion that a US-based so-called think tank, which has been blacklisted by Tehran for its malign activities targeting the Iranian people, acts to promote “economic terrorism” against the Islamic Republic.

“In our view, the American Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) is not considered to be a think tank at all, but is an organization that engages in designing and promoting ‘economic terrorism’ and is behind the US administration’s virulent measures against the people of Iran on a daily basis,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Thursday.

The Iranian diplomat described the FDD as a designing and operational arm of the US administration, saying that Washington bases most of its adversarial efforts against the Iranian nation on plots devised by this foundation.

On Saturday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said it had added the foundation and its Chief Executive Mark Dubowitz to its list of sanctions for their role in spreading “economic war and terrorism against the Iranian people.”

PressTV-Iran blacklists US think tank over economic war

Iran blacklists US think tank over economic warIran adds the US Foundation for Defense of Democracies and its chief executive to its list of sanctions.

It added that the American institution, acting under its deceitful name, and in particular its chief executive, have “deliberately and knowingly” been endeavoring, in a proactive and serious manner, to damage the security and vital interests of the Iranian people.

Iranian officials use the term “economic warfare and terrorism” to identify the United States’ nuclear-related sanctions against Iran, which Washington restored after leaving a nuclear deal between Tehran and major world powers last year.

Both the US departure from the 2015 agreement, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and its restoration of the sanctions came while the JCPOA has been ratified by the United Nations Security Council in the form of a resolution.

Tehran observes that the unilateral and unlawful economic bans have endangered the lives, health, and freedom of the Iranian people.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Mousavi said the names of the first batch of people who cooperate with the FDD would be soon made available to various responsible institutions in the Islamic Republic, including the Judiciary, so they would fall under the sphere of Iran’s punitive countermeasures.

“The first list of those sanctioned [by Iran for cooperation with the FDD] comprises people of various nationalities who play an effective role in the foundation’s activities against the Iranian nation,” Mousavi concluded.

Last Sunday, Mousavi said the Islamic Republic will resort to any legal and legitimate means to defend the “fundamental” rights of its citizens in line with the norms of international law.

PressTV-Iran to US: We use all legitimate means to defend citizens

Iran to US: We use all legitimate means to defend citizensIran says it will resort to any legal and legitimate means to defend the fundamental rights of its citizens.

He made the remarks when asked by reporters about the reaction of the US administration to recent sanctions imposed by Iran on the FDD and its CEO.

The Iranian spokesperson further said, “Propaganda spread by the US Department of State and Dubowitz’s foundation is nothing new. They are experts in spreading lies and misleading.”

Mousavi added that in addition to fulfilling its legal obligation, the Iranian government’s move conveys this message to the world that it is determined to protect its citizens against enemies of the country.

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