Fearing Hizbullah Missiles, ’’Israel’’ Transfers Chemical Plants, Flights

Fearing that Hizbullah’s rockets may alter the “Israeli” scene in the event of a new war, “Israel” announced Tuesday its decision to transfer “Ammonia” factories from the Gulf of Haifa to al-Naqab “Negev”.

According to “al-Hayat” pan Arab daily, “Israel” considers the area known as the “Jimkalim” as the most dangerous to the “Israeli” settlers of Haifa and the region because it contains chemical plants that has already been in danger of Hizbullah missiles in the second Lebanon’s war.”
“By targeting chemical industries in the area, Hizbullah’s missiles threatened at least a quarter of a million “Israelis” in Haifa and the surrounding area known as the “Krayut”,” the “Israeli” admitted.

“Until the completion of the alternative building factories in south of Occupied Palestine,” “al-Hayat” reported that the Zionist entity “launched drilling deep tunnels down to tens of meters from the northern Gulf of Haifa till Tirat al-Carmel.”
This aims at extending an underground pipeline to transport chemicals and toxic gas from the Gulf of Haifa, away from the threat of rockets.

Despite the approval of the tunnel’s project from several professional bodies, “Israeli” experts have warned that the quality of the missiles that “Israeli” intelligence reports expected Hizbullah to use in the next war is sophisticated and able to penetrate the tunnels and get to the pipes.
In this aspect, Director of the “Israeli” group “To stop the Next Disaster” Shimon Tzur warned that “the current procedures to remove the danger of explosions in Haifa chemical plants would not protect the city and the region from danger.”

He further confirmed that “the project will not prevent the missiles to penetrate the tunnels and to cause explosions in underground pipes.”
This came as the so-called “Israel’s National Air Carrier” El Al announced that it will move its flights to military bases in the event of a war with Iran.

According to the Hebrew “Maariv” newspaper, company executives reportedly met in an urgent discussion to deal with wartime scenarios as the “Israeli” government repeatedly warns that “time is running out for a military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

International Airport is located on the edge of the metropolitan Tel Aviv area, which would be a likely target by Iran in the event of war.
“If Iranian missiles were to rain down on Ben Gurion’s airport, El Al would move its flights to the Air Force base at Nevatim, near Beir Sabea “Ber Sheva”,” the newspaper stated.

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