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Ferguson protesters stage peaceful demonstration ahead of verdict


American activists protesting the fatal August shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white policeman in Ferguson, Missouri, have staged a peaceful demonstration.

Hundreds of demonstrators blocked a major intersection near Washington University in St. Louis on Sunday.

Meanwhile, dozens of activists lay down in the street outside of a downtown theater, pretending to have been shot by police.

It was a move to pay homage to 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was shot dead by police officer Darren Wilson 100 days ago in Ferguson.

“This is a mature movement. It is a different movement that it was in August. Then it just had anger, justifiable anger,” said DeRay McKesson, a 29-year-old protest leader. “Now we are organized. We are strategizing. And we are going to bring our message to the power structure.”

The fresh wave of protests was triggered by Ferguson Police chief Tom Jackson’s announcement of the officer’s possible return to the force, if acquitted.

On Saturday, demonstrators gathered outside the Ferguson police department, with many wearing masks and holding up their hands, the gesture Brown made as a sign of surrender before being fatally shot multiple times on August 9.

More protests are expected to break out as the town braces itself for the grand jury decision due to be announced in mid-to-late November.

On Tuesday, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon warned the people of Ferguson against holding protests following the announcement of the decision.

Brown’s family and activists want prosecutors to charge Wilson with murder.

According to a poll by the New York Times/CBS News, the majority of African-Americans have lost confidence in the justice system following the killing.

The poll found about six in 10 blacks said they had little to no confidence the investigation into Brown’s shooting would be handled fairly.

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