Fifth person stabbed to death in five days in London


A young man has been stabbed to deaths in London, bringing the number of people killed to four amid a fresh surge of violence in the British capital.

The 22-year-old man was found dead in Samos Road, Anerley, Bromley, southeast London, at noon local time. He had fatal stab wounds, police said.

The Metropolitan Police said it had launched a murder investigation, but no arrest had been made yet, it said.

The death is the fourth to come from knife violence in London in just five days. Another man and two teenage boys had been stabbed in separate incidents in southern neighborhoods of the capital over the past week.

Britain has seen a significant rise in the number of knife and acid attacks over the past years. The total number of people killed in stabbings in London this year has now reached 116, authorities have said.

Police officials say the increase in the number of deaths as a result of violence on the streets is because they have been unable to see to all emergencies, mainly as a result of shortage of officers in various units.

They say government cuts to police budget have made the force practically understaffed. The government denies its austerity measures have had any impact on police recruitment.

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