First Aircraft Lands at the Kuweires Military Airport in 3 Years


On Tuesday morning in the Aleppo Govenrorate, the first Syrian Arab Air Force helicopter landed at the Kuweires Military Airport for the first time in nearly three years, marking the remarkable return of this large airbase that was under a brutal siege just three months ago.

Syrian State Television was at the scene when the SAAF’s chopper landed at the Kuweires Military Airport yesterday morning – they provided the live footage of the military helicopter landing and taking off from one of the airbase’s airfields.

The SAAF helicopter was not only landing at the Kuweires Military Airport for a spectacle, but also, to deliver supplies to the soldiers that replaced the 300+ soldiers that endured a brutal 3 year long siege imposed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS).

There have been rumors that the Russian Federation plans to make this into one of their military airports in Syria; however, the Russian Defense Minister and sources from the Syrian Air Defense both denied these claims.

The Russian Air Force has access to all of Syria’s operational airports, including the Al-Qamishli International Airport and the several large military airports in the Damascus countryside.

More flights should be conducted to the Kuweires Military Airport in the near future, as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continues to advance in east Aleppo.


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