First Footages from Iraq’s Musul that has been given to terrorists by traitors

The betrayal of Iraq’s Musul surrender to ISIL idea increasing after Nujayfe meeting ith Erdogan

Is it coincidance that Iraqi Paeliamentary Speaker not official visit to Turkey on June 2 and the Musul’s surrender to ISIL terrorist on June 10 by the speaker’s brother Esil Nujayfe?
The idea of betrayal to Musul by Esil Nujayfe the brother of Iraq’s Parliamentary Speaker who gave to a not offical visit to Turkey and meetings behind closed doors is growing
ISIL terrorists did not face with any resistance and the governor evacuated the Governer’s Offfice silently and the statement by Tukey as: “We can go to Musul and Kirkuk” are what?

All these developments give the impression that Turkish Government in cooperation with ISIL terrorists have been in plan to invade Iraq beforehand.Musul

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