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Video- Are you afraid of the US?

Are you afraid of the US?
Me and Mr. Rafsanjani and a third person- whom I do not want to name- left Tehran to Qom to meet with Imam Khomeini in order to ask what we should do with the spies [taken as hostages]; shall we keep t hem or let them free; particularly that there was a big controversy within the transitional government as what to do with them.
When we visited Imam and our companions described the situation and said -for instance- that the radio channels or the U.S. are saying such and such, or the government officials are saying such and such, he pondered and posed a real question: “Are you afraid of the U.S.?”; we replied: “no.” He said: “Then Keep them!”
Yes, one would feel this man has absolutely no fear towards this superficial and materialistic glory and this authority and empire equipped with everything. His lack of fear and looking down on the materialistic power of the enemy stemmed from his personal and intellectual power. An intellectual courage is different from a stupid and insensible lack of fear. For instance a child does not fear a powerful man or a dangerous animal that a strong man might not also be afraid of; however human beings and communities make mistakes about their potentials and might ignore other potentials.
The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei’s statements in a meeting with members of Expediency Council, 21/03/1999

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