Fourteen Syrian Army and Security Forces Martyrs Laid to Rest

With flowers and laurel wreathes, fourteen army and security forces martyrs on Tuesday were escorted from Damascus Police Hospital and Tishreen, Homs and Tartous Military Hospitals to their final resting place in their cities and villages.

The martyrs were targeted by the armed terrorist groups while they were in the line of duty in Homs and Damascus Countryside.

Solemn processions were held for the martyrs as they were carried on shoulders and covered with the national flag while the Military Band was playing the “Martyr” and the “Farewell” music.

The martyrs are :

-Retired Major, Mohammad Abdul-Karim al-Abeer from Homs.

-Fist Lieutenant, Murhaf Hasan Qasem from Tartous.

-Chief Warrant Officer, Lawrence Fawwaz Barakat from Hama.

-Chief Warrant Officer, Ali Hassan Dawood from Lattakia.

-Chief Warrant Officer, Wael Yusuf Ahmad from Damascus Countryside.

– Chief Warrant Officer, Ahmad Salim Ahmad from Lattakia.

-Sergeant Major, Muntajeb Ali Suleiman from Homs.

-Sergeant Wajdi Mohsen Issa from Tartous.

-Sergeant, Ali Hassan Sueliman from Homs.

-Corporal, Seif Eddin Ibrahim Harith from Hasaka.

-Conscript, Abdullah Khaled Hamdan from Idleb.

-Conscript, Mohammad Amin Subayi from Deir Ezzour.

-Policeman, Ahmad Ali Ghanem from Tartous.

-Policeman, Mohammad Zaki Alloush from Damascus Countryside.

The families of the martyrs expressed pride in their son’s martyrdom, saying that they sacrificed their lives to defend their homeland, stressing that Syria will remain steadfast in the face of the conspiracy which targets its unity and stability.

They said that the Syrian people will overcome this ordeal through national unity, and that the blood of the martyrs will protect Syria and make it stronger in the face of challenges.

The martyrs’ relatives affirmed their readiness to sacrifice their own lives to defend Syria, holding the Arab League and the opposition abroad responsible for the murder and violence against the army and civilians, calling for punishing those responsible for the crimes against their sons.

They affirmed that the martyrs were devoted to their country, and that martyrdom is the least one could offer for the sake of Syria and its dignity, stressing that Syria is capable of confronting the mentality of destruction adopted by armed terrorist groups who are supported and financed by U.S , zionists powers and their regional allies.

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