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French Journalist Meyssan: Channels’ Fabrications on Syria Crime Against Peace

The French Journalist Thierry Meyssan condemned the propaganda war led by some channels such as CNN, France 24, BBC and Al-Jazeera to tarnish the image of governments and justify armed attacks.

In an article posted on Voltaire Network on the Internet, the French journalist said that the aforementioned channels, especially CNN which works with the psychological warfare unit in the Pentagon, have ascribed to the Syrian and Libyan revolutionaries crimes they have not committed to cover the crimes perpetrated by NATO and Western intelligence.

He added that these channels showed images it untruly claimed to be taken in Syria to give the impression that the majority of Syrians want to topple political institutions.

He considered the ‘poison’ that these channels broadcast to be a crime against peace and should be treated as worse than the war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated by NATO in Libya and the Western intelligence against Syria.

The French journalist said the propagandists should be brought before the International Court of Justice, describing their conduct as illegal according to the international law.

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