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Gaza government: Obama’s visit reinforces occupation

images_News_2013_03_20_gaza-gov_300_0The Palestinian government in Gaza warned against expecting too much from President Obama’s visit to the region, stressing that it came to reinforce the Israeli occupation and to strengthen the American-Israeli relations.

The government has warned, in a statement on Tuesday evening, against Obama’s visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque under Israeli control, considering it an attempt to legitimize the occupation and control of Al-Aqsa Mosque and to provoke Muslims’ feelings in Palestine and around the world.

Furthermore, the government denounced the removal of Palestine historical map in Bethlehem by PA municipality as a prelude to Obama’s visit to the city, arguing that this shameful act carries serious implications aiming to waive the Palestinian right of return.

Concerning the Israeli new government, Gaza government confirmed that it is “an extension of the right-wing governments”, pointing out that it is based on settlement expansion, land confiscation and arbitrary practices against the Palestinian people.

It congratulated Sharawna for his release and his victory over the Israeli jailer, denouncing the Israeli brutal decision to deport him from his family and home.

The government stressed its support to the Palestinian prisoners’ struggle till gaining their legitimate rights.

The statement expressed the government’s condolences to the Palestinian people over the death of Umm Nidhal and the pilgrims in an accident in Jordan.

In another matter, the government strongly condemned the continued Egyptian media campaign against Hamas movement and the Palestinian resistance under various pretexts.

The Palestinian government stressed that Hamas movement and the resistance cannot harm the Egyptian security, stressing that the Egyptian people will discover the falsehood of the claims made in this campaign sooner or later.

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