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GOP Despotism And The Government Shutdown

GOP Despotism And The Government Shutdown

After a couple weeks of the Republican’s Government shutdown courtesy of the Tea Party’s escalating class war and looting of America it has become evident that the GOP’s despotism and extortion attempts are failing miserably. Allowing the Tea Party minority of the GOP – which is pushing a treasonous libertarian billionaire agenda backed by extremely delusional right-wing religious whack jobs – to orchestrate a premeditated shutdown of the U.S. government will not bode well for the GOP.

Author : Bill Lindner
GOP Despotism And The Government Shutdown
The latest Tea Party/GOP antics are now adversely affecting every U.S. citizen. The fact that the U.S. public overwhelmingly rejected the billionaires backing the Tea Party and their dystopian Ayn Rand ideologies during last year’s elections hasn’t stopped the GOP from ramming them down the public’s collective throats. The GOP’s fabrication of yet another crisis has been months in the planning and was designed to realign politics and put an extremely corrupt minority political movement in permanent power.

Since passage of Obamacare — the Affordable Care Act — in 2010, a small coalition of corrupt conservative activists led by former Attorney General Edwin Meese III has plotted to repeal it at any cost. A little noticed scam called the “blueprint to defunding Obamacare” was created by Meese and his crooked cohorts, including Heritage Action for America, part of the Heritage Foundation which actually only serves corrupt billionaires and the corporations they own, not America. Meese’s group hatched a no-prisoner legislative strategy to defund Obamacare, even if it included defunding the entire U.S. government, except for Congress who still receives their paychecks regardless. The latest government shutdown, despite being loathed by the U.S. public, is a result of collusion between the Tea Party and the Republicans who were foolish enough to go right along with it. Fraudulent “think tanks” like the Heritage Foundation play a large role in Washington’s actions.


Despite the fact that votes exist in the U.S. House of Representatives to reopen with a clean appropriation, House Speaker John Boehner is adamant about not holding a vote until President Obama “negotiates.” Boehner’s problem is that Obama will not negotiate with the corporately corrupt minority over extortion. Instead of being worried about losing his speakership, Boehner should be worried about losing his political career. The GOP crisis over Obamacare is spreading to the conversation over the debt ceiling, which will only make America’s opinion about the GOP worse. Speaker John Boehner is a spineless pathological liar, political extortionist, and economic terrorist — among other things — who epitomizes the deviant qualities required of modern day GOP leaders whose delusional beliefs will end up biting their political party in the ass. The GOP’s shutdown is the most ignorant game of chicken ever played.

To the GOP, as bad as shutting down the government is with their premeditated charades over Obamacare is, not shutting down services, not furloughing hundreds of thousands of federal employees, and not getting some type of concession from Obama is worse. Welcome to the delusional logic of the modern-day GOP. If Obama caves to the GOP’s delusional demands it will only weaken his presidency. If Congress — the Tea Party minority especially — caves it will not affect the power of Congress at all. If Obama caves, the Tea Party will continue wreaking havoc every time to get their way. If Obama allows the GOP to extort him, this country will face major issues in the future. Democrats need to continue refusing to negotiate with the GOP’s financial terrorists and make a few demands of their.

The shutdown was engineered by corrupt billionaires and the corporations they own which are also backed by the “Christian” Right, Right-wing political consultants who employ intimidation and demagoguery, and extreme right-wing politicians who have foamed at the mouth over cutting Social Security and Medicare as well as other so-called entitlement programs and is backed by fraudulent media outlets like FOX news who cater to the corrupt billionaires — think Charles and David Koch and friends thanks to Citizens United — who pay them handsomely for misleading their ignorant viewers as well as moronic mouth pieces like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.


When the Koch brothers and company took over the Tea Party, shady news outlets like FOX news started pumping out pro-Tea Party propaganda instead of informing their viewers what the Tea Party was really about. Once the propaganda cleared it became obvious what the Tea Party really was — a creation of corrupt billionaires and radical evangelical right wing morons — whose intention was destroying the government and preventing Americans from receiving universal healthcare and stealing their retirements while sabotaging any attempt at regulating Wall Street or the Oil industry and wrecking the economy. Being able to buy their own politicians made it easier for the billionaires that funded the Tea Party to destroy the government. In reality there is no such thing as the Tea Party only front groups owned by treasonous billionaires and evangelicals.

In typical fashion the GOP’s ironic ignorance is on full display. Obamacare was based on a model of healthcare designed by the Heritage Institute in the 1990’s as an alternative to Hillarycare. The GOP knows that if Obamacare is successful it will ruin their chances of permanent tax cuts and lower taxes for the wealthy that own them, wiping out all regulations so their crimes go unchallenged, and shrinking the government. The Tea Party and the GOP are determined to make the poor suffer even more and can’t stand the thought of them having health care. The Tea Party was used by the Koch brothers cabal to hijack Washington. Every Tea Party Republican is a Koch whore who will do and say whatever they are paid to by their corporate masters.

Owning a quintet of corrupt U.S. Supreme Court Justices who are hell bent on turning American into an Oligarchy makes subverting Democracy even easier. Allowing fraudulent billionaires and their corporations to rig elections and funnel unlimited cash into the U.S. election process has made it easier for the billionaires to destroy Democracy. Removing the quintet of corporately corrupted Justices and rolling back the egregious Citizens United decision will provide the antidote needed to start restoring the U.S. political system and taking our Democracy back from treasonous billionaires and those that cater to them. Gerrymandering is critical to the GOP because they can’t win an election fairly.


Despite the Tea Party’s actions there are some Republicans that are reasonable, though they are not acting that way. For some reason they’re just afraid to act reasonably. Unfortunately the very same gerrymandering that helped the GOP keep control of the House defines the House. The illicit gerrymandering tactics of the GOP has made reasonable Republicans unreasonable because they are afraid to lose their seats. If America wants a Congress that represents them and not treasonous billionaires and the delusional evangelicals, America needs to establish an election system that allows Americans to have their say and overturn Citizens United.

What we’re witnessing with the Tea Party’s shutdown appears to be an attempted coup for control of Washington, and possibly an attempt to make us so cynical that we give up, though that won’t happen. The GOP wasn’t able to kill Obamacare, but with the help of corporately corrupt Democrats, was able to privatize it. Yet they still want to defund it and are still trying to prevent it from being implemented. Obamacare is only the first of many targets for the GOP who still wants to eviscerate the Middle Class and take everyone’s Medicare and Social Security. By spreading propaganda and not placing the blame where it belongs, America’s pusillanimous press helped cause the GOP shutdown. Despite all the false claims by the GOP and their minions in the corporate media the GOP is solely to blame for the shutdown.

Our political system is profoundly corrupt and needs to be fixed. After being subject to more than a decade of political theater it has become blatantly obvious that there is little difference between Democrats or Republicans and America’s two-party system is a farce, opening the door for a third party driven by the people. Both parties whore for the Koch brother’s cabal since it keeps them in power and filthy rich but the GOP has taken their criminal agenda to a whole new level. For decades the GOP and their corporate masters have colluded to destroy America while siphoning up everyone’s wealth so it is important to stay informed and follow the corruption that permeates Washington. One day your life may literally depend on it. It is unacceptable that Boehner allows the Tea Party to shut down our government and default on all of our debt. Boehner and the rest of the traitors in his party who are perpetrating financial terrorism need to be held accountable for their actions and removed from office. Together Americans can put an end to the GOP’s shutdown once and for all.

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