Gov’t Forces One Step Closer to Purge Central Syria of Terrorists


The Syrian Army troops drove ISIL out of three more regions in Eastern Homs within the framework of their anti-terrorism operation in the Central part of the war-hit country on Saturday.

The army men continued to advance against ISIL in Eastern Homs and captured Mosheirefeh al-Shamali, Mosei’ad and Joureh al-Nazal East of Jubb al-Jarah regions, killing and wounding a number of terrorists.

Relevant reports said on Friday that the army troops continued to hit ISIL’s defense lines in Eastern Homs and captured two more villages, tightening noose on the terrorists in the Central parts of the war-hit country.

The army men pushed ISIL back from the villages of al-Mazbal and Mas’adah in al-Shourmeriyeh mountain, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

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