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Great Satan U.S imploding from inside

“This country is poor. It is more hated [today],” Dignity and Human rights and Peace Movement’s Randy Short said in response to recent remarks by Obama, claiming his country is more respected now than in the past.

The US president also claimed his country was almost always on the top of the list, when it came to asking people which country they admired most.

Short said that the United States is a magnet for world “crooks and criminals” who have escaped their homeland countries.

“So your crooked Iranians that were butchering their own people in SAVAK for the Shah, they are over here; of course, they love America because they are criminals where they came from; the same is true for Cuba, the same is true for Venezuela, all the countries where these sinister elite who are doing all sorts of injustices, they love America…” the analyst added.

He accused the US of being a “racist” and “fascistic” state, adding that the more than one decade of war had made the country bankrupt, in reality.

According to Short, the long and costly wars “have put millions of people out of work, people are afraid, people are scared,” as there is constant violence and “cases of suicide and police slayings”.

The analyst further criticized Washington for failing to provide medical benefits suitable for the troops who have served its interests in other countries by fighting these wars.

He finally said that people may be looking up to the “imagined America, the professed America, but not the actual America.”

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