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Great Satan US destroys very original basis of internet: Analyst

A political analyst says that the US government has been destroying “the very original basis of the internet,” as they launch cyber attacks against its perceived opponents.

In an interview with Press TV, Paul Sheldon Foote criticized the American authorities for conducting the hacking tactic, believing “the dream of internet” has been hurt by the country’s warmongers.

“When the Internet was first promoted in this country, the defense analysts said we’re doing this to make the world safer by having servers around the world and by having important information dispersed around the world — any single attack on America or someplace else would not wipe out all vital information,” Foote said.

However, the US administration destroyed any “trust in the internet,” the analyst also said. Adding, “Corporations and some governments are now using intranets, I.N.T.R.A. – nets – and extranets to avoid being exposed to all of this hacking.”

The US government has been accused of launching cyber attacks in several countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Last week, Marine Corps Lieutenant General Richard Mills said at a conference in Baltimore that the US military has been conducting cyber warfare against its perceived opponents in Afghanistan, and that how cyber weapons have been regarded as an important part of their arsenal.

Mills said that in 2012, when he was a commander in Afghanistan, he used cyber operations against his adversary, and got inside his nets to infect his command-and-control.

American military planners have spent the past few years debating circumstances the pentagon would launch a cyber attack. They have set up several command centers in and outside the country in order to strike the foreign network silently with no American fingerprint.

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