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Great Satan US executes 3 in just 24 hours


3 executions in 24 hours. Georgia and Missouri executed prisoners around an hour apart late Tuesday and early Wednesday and another inmate was lethally injected in Florida shortly after.
A botched execution seven weeks ago in Oklahoma sparked a national debate about the secretive ways many states obtain lethal injection drugs from loosely regulated pharmacies. The recent executions however show that some states, notably in the south seem unfazed by the concerns. On April 29th Oklahoma prison officials had to halt a process because drugs weren’t being administered properly into the veins of inmate Clayton Lockett. He died of a heart attack 43 minutes after the process began. Lawyers and advocates cite concern that what happened in Oklahoma could be repeated, although there were no glitches reported in the recent executions. In 2011, 13 states carried out capital punishment. In 1999, 20 states carried out 98 executions, a modern high. However the numbers aren’t always accurate, since in some states courts allow executions to go forward behind closed doors, despite problems with the drugs. In recent years, as pharmaceutical companies have halted sales of drugs used in executions, states have found themselves obtaining drugs through unregulated dealers, making them more like a street level drug deals.

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