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Great Satan US Relocates Over 200 ISIL Families to Iraq

The US has relocated tens of families of the ISIL terrorist group to Iraq as Washington still continues supportive measures for the terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

“The US troops transferred more than 200 ISIL families from Syria to neighboring Iraq on Tuesday,” Syria’s state news agency SANA reported.

The ISIL terrorists were relocated to Iraq from al-Hawl Camp in Syria’s Hasaka Province.

The US troops have dispatched thousands of ISIL terrorists and their families from different regions in Eastern and Northeastern Syria to Iraq and their illegal military bases in Syria.

In a relevant development last week, the US troops relocated 300 ISIL family members from al-Hawl Camp to Iraq.

According to the latest UN report released in November, a sum of 69,000 people are residing in al-Hawl Camp, including 40 percent Syrians, 45 percent Iraqis and 15 percent from other nationalities.

Al-Hawl Camp is under control of the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

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