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Great Satan US, Slaughterer Israel ratcheting up Iranophobia campaign

A political analyst says the US and Israel have embarked on an Iranophobia campaign to justify their illegal threats and sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

“In order to justify their illegal threats and sanctions, the US has apparently embarked on a systematic program of fomenting Iranophobia in the US and the rest of the world. In this pernicious Iranophobic campaign, a number of groups and parties including Tea Party, neocons and AIPAC are actively involved,” Dr. Ismail Salami wrote in an article published on Press TV.

Describing the US and Israel as “the two sides of a coin,” Salami said Washington and Tel Aviv have formed a united front against Iran.

The political analyst added that the US, with the help of its allies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel, is determined to brainwash the world’s public opinion into believing that Iran is seeking to build nuclear weapons and portray Tehran as a danger to the global security.

Salami then referred to a series of false flag terrorist attacks in different parts of the world as part of US-Israel smear campaign against Iran with which Tel Aviv has “toned up its war rhetoric against the Islamic Republic.”

Following a deadly attack against Israeli tourists in Bulgaria on July 18, former UN Ambassador John Bolton pointlessly blamed Iran, and called on Tel Aviv to attack the Islamic Republic in retaliation for the attack, saying “the time has come for the Jewish state to quit threatening and take action.”

Salami concluded that “the real threat in the world is being posed and imposed by those warmongers in Washington who will turn the situation to the best of their own interests in the region as well as by the Zionist entity who will, in the wake of a war against Iran, reap the benefits of such aggression if of course they ever outlive such an act of belligerence.”

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