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Great Satan US wants a puppet government in Syria

The United States is seeking to topple president Bashar al-Assad in order to install a puppet government in Damascus, says an analyst.

The comment comes after a new opposition bloc has been formed under pressure from the US and its regional allies: Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Randy Short, with the Dignity, Human Rights and Peace Organization from Washington, to further talk over the issue.

The video also offers the opinions of two additional guests: Sharif Nashashibi, chairman of Arab Media Watch in London, and Eric Draitser who is the founder of from New York. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Short, the newly-formed Syrian opposition bloc called the National Coalition, as you know, wants EU recognition now; it wants weapons and fund. Do you think that is the next step we are going to see? And if so, what would come after that step?

Short: Of course they want weapons. I mean this was the whole purpose of Bloody Mary AKA Hillary Clinton, having the people gather in Doha because they were tired of the group that was ineffectual in getting rid of the legitimate government of Syria which is under Assad.

They brought these people together and of course now they have sanctified this unholy alliance of people who are basically al-Qaeda and other terrorist-type groups with the old group that are expats who really do not have a connection to Syria, now because they have sanctioned this group, they are now trying to make these people who are bandits legitimate and of course they do not want peace.

They want to take the government by force; so they have to ask for arms because most people in Syria do not want this government; they do not want these people to be their government.

So that is what is going to happen. They are going to have more fighting and of course this follows the election of Obama. So now we see what the plan is. They are going to ramp up the war against the government in Syria.

Press TV: Dr. Randy Short in Washington, there is a lot being said about of course how much influence the United States has had in the Qatar talks for instance. We even saw the SNC come out and say that Washington is actually trying to shape or reshape the opposition in a way that it is going to serve its own interests. How much influential do you think the US has actually been in forming this opposition?

Short: Well, I mean it is very obvious. Who called this so-called new group, as Eric [the other guest on the show from New York] said, this rebranded group together?

This was as a request of Hillary Clinton. This is the US government acting on behalf of, I guess, its favorite ally in the Middle East, Israel. All the other countries, Saudi Arabia is not going to go after Syria without having support from the United States.

So this is clearly an effort to recreate the Middle East to hijack whatever efforts there are for social liberation and justice with this so-called Arab spring. So yes, the United States again wants to control the region and it wants to get rid of this state and they are willing to put in a proxy government. The same thing that Eric mentioned; they want to do Libya; this is Libya 2.0.

Press TV: Dr. Randy Short, what do you think is the reason that the political solutions are not working?

Short: Because there is no incentive on the side of the people who claim to be in the opposition, in fact the opposition that is on the ground in Syria does not support this armed opposition because they have been killed and massacred by the very people who say they represent them and when there was this movement on the ground in Syria to oppose the government and the government began to get the attention of the people, you had folks snipping and killing and shooting and bombing the whole way through, the same thing that happened in Libya.

So armed conflict is the means to an end for those who want to get rid of the existing government of Syria. They have no desire to talk to people anymore than there was no desire in Libya because they know they have the back of the United States; they have the [Persian] Gulf states and those Sheikdoms; they have people that will arm them where they can take state power without talking because if they talk, you have to bring all the stake holders to the table and a lot of these people that are supposedly in the opposition, do not represent the people at all. They represent their own little sectarian or imperialist interests serving other countries.

Press TV: Dr. Randy Short, do you think that a unified coalition is going to help?

Short: No, I think he is dreaming. We have seen this with the [Contras]; we have seen this in Afghanistan; we have seen this all over.

When you give people who are trained mercenaries and killers weapons, they kill people. When you pay people to destroy a society, they are not going to hand out daisies. And you ask the government that won’t give the tank-busting weapons or the anti-aircraft weapons to these very people that they claim they support because they are afraid they are going to be used on American citizens.

So if you do not trust them to not kill you, why would these people? Even if they win one organized group not do mayhem wherever they let loose. I mean, come on!

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