Haaretz: Hizbullah Gained More Military Confidence, Resumed Overt Military Activity along Border


Haaretz “Israeli” daily reiterated that Hizbullah organization has resumed overt military activity along the “Israeli” border.

The “Israeli” daily recalled that on October 7, the Islamic Resistance activated two explosive devices alongside a group of the Golani Brigade’s Egoz unit and an Engineering Corps bomb squad operating along the Lebanese border.

“The “IDF” distributed photos in which Hizbullah fighters could be seen near the border fence, presumably gathering intelligence on “Israeli” troop movements.”
According to the “Israeli” daily, “the argument is that “Israeli” meddling in events in the tri-border [Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria] region obligates Hizbullah to take extraordinary defensive measures. Accordingly, the explosive devices planted at “Mount Dov” [Shebaa farms]were aimed at an “IDF” tank and were meant to warn “Israel” that it would pay a price for changing the rules of the game in Lebanon.”
“The explosive charges that went off on “Mount Dov” were more sophisticated and deadly than those Hizbullah detonated there in March, when an “Israeli” vehicle was damaged but there were no casualties.”
The daily also mentioned that “the recent explosions were a gamble for Hizbullah. Assuming the group’s leadership expected the attack to succeed, it means Hizbullah was prepared to absorb at least one round of violence with “Israel”, if not an all-out war.”

“This indicates Hizbullah’s self-confidence is growing, probably because its fighters are accumulating valuable battle experience in the Syrian civil war.”

Haaretz highlighted that “Hizbullah might also have been trying to establish a new deterrent balance with “Israel”, so the latter will stop attacking the group in Lebanese territory.”
“Now Hizbullah has raised the bar, “Israel” may have to rethink how to respond in the future,” it stated.

The question, according to Haaretz, remains: “Is the military experience it [Hizbullah] has gained in Syria being translated into new combat techniques and a different battle plan if there’s a flare-up with “Israel”? How will the group approach such a campaign, given its massive rearming with short-term rockets with large warheads over the past year – a move that could be evidence of a readiness to heavily bombard the border region?”

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