Hamas condemns the continuation of security coordination between PA and Israel


Palestinian former minister of prisoners and Hamas leader Wasfi Qabha condemned the Palestinian Authority (PA) continuation of security coordination with the Israeli occupation despite the ongoing Jerusalem Intifada which entered its fourth month in a row.

Qabha pointed out that the PA security forces have been continuing their coordination with Israel despite the decision of the PLO Central Council of halting all forms of security coordination with Israel. He underlined, meanwhile, that persecution of Hamas members and supporters has not stopped.

The Hamas leader Qabha said the PA political arrests targeted old men, youths, and university students. He called for pressuring the PA and its security forces to stop chasing Palestinian activists and to halt its violations of human rights.

300 violations committed by the PA forces against Palestinian members of resistance factions were documented just in last December, he said, regretting the silence of other factions especially those within the PLO.
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