Hamas Leader Hamdan: Reconciliation progressing but not in the aspired pace

images_News_2013_02_10_hamdan_300_0Hamas leader Osama Hamdan has said that the meeting in Cairo about national reconciliation was positive and achieved important progress but not in the aspired for pace.

He told Quds Press on Sunday that the meeting about the formation of the national unity government that was scheduled for tomorrow Monday was postponed for a few days to give room for more consultations on means of linking that issue to that of the elections.

Hamdan said that Mahmoud Abbas proposed the formation of a government that would remain in power for three years and holding elections within three months and that two decrees would be issued for this purpose.

He said that Hamas considered the formation of the government as a clear message to the people that the division was over but the election date should be made in agreement with all parties. A new date was yet to be determined to discuss the government’s issue, he added.

The Hamas leader would not say that the reconciliation process was obstructed a new, adding that his movement was exerting all efforts possible to facilitate reconciliation.

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