Hamas Leader: Palestinian Stance against Israel Unchangeable

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh underlined his nation’s irrevocable stance against Israel, stressing that Palestinians will never ignore even a single span of their land.

“We (Palestinians) will never overlook even one span of Palestine’s soil because Palestine is an endowed land and no person, leader, organization or group is entitled to the right to ignore this land,” Haniyeh said in a meeting on Saturday with the members of ‘Miles of Smiles 17’ aid convoy and an Indonesian delegation visiting Gaza.

“Israel has no future in the Palestinian lands and our motto is that we will never recognize the Zionist regime,” he said.

Pointing to the visit of ‘Miles of Smiles’ aid convoy to Gaza, Haniyeh said that visit to Gaza by any person or group supporting the Palestinian cause and ideals gladdens Gazans and other Palestinians.

“Anyone who leaves his land to stay on the side of the Palestinian nation during Eid al-Adha ceremonies shows that the Palestinian cause is rooted in beliefs,” the Palestinian prime minister said, and added, “The issue of Palestine is an essential issue of the Muslim Ummah (nation) and there is an unbreakable bond between the Muslim Ummah and this cause.”

‘Miles of Smiles 17’aid convoy arrived in Gaza on Wednesday carrying 23 cars modified for handicapped people.

Over 80 solidarity activists are traveling with the convoy from Jordan, Indonesia, Turkey, Algeria, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait, Holland, and the UK.

In early October, Egyptian authorities coordinated the entry of around 51 modified cars and dozens of activists to Gaza through the Rafah crossing.

The siege of Gaza started in June 2007 when Israel imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip. This was supported by the governments of Egypt and the US.

The blockade consists of a land blockade along Gaza’s borders with Egypt and Israel and a sea blockade. It immediately followed the 2006-2007 economic sanctions against the Palestinian National Authority following the election of Hamas to the Palestinian government.

Hamas officials, including its former Politburo Chief Khalid Mashaal, have on many occasions stressed that the Israeli siege of Gaza can never make the Palestinians give up their cause and resistance.

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