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Hamas renews oath on its 23rd anniversary to defend rights

The Hamas Movement renewed on the 23rd anniversary of its inception, its oath to protect the Palestinian national rights and constants and to work insistently on ending the internal division in the Palestinian arena.

“Hamas has worked in accordance with the teachings written by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and his companions who started the first spark of the blessed intifada,” Hamas stated in a press release on Monday from the Gaza Strip.

“The Hamas Movement was able, thanks to God Almighty, to establish an organizational structure based on sound education, good morals and constructive commitment. This structure created the heroes like the martyrs, the prisoners, the exiles, the wounded and the national figures who turned into an integrated enterprise of leaders and cadres being rallied around by the masses of the Palestinian people,” the statement highlighted.

The statement stressed that Palestine from the sea to the river is the land of the Palestinians and that Hamas will never recognize the Israeli occupation state and will remain adherent to the resistance option until the liberation of Palestine and its holy sites.

In a similar statement issued Tuesday by Hamas from Damascus, the Movement called on the Fatah-controlled Palestinian authority (PA) to stop running after the mirage of the peace process and to adopt the option of resistance and steadfastness, emphasizing that the national rights are extracted by force and not begged for.

It also demanded de facto president Mahmoud Abbas to take a bold decision ending the security cooperation between his security forces and the Israeli occupation.

In the same context, member of Hamas’s political bureau Mahmoud Al-Zahhar said in a press statement to the Jordanian newspaper Assabeel on this anniversary that his Movement has made great achievements during 23 years of struggle to liberate Palestine.

Zahhar stressed that Hamas succeeded in joining the resistance and the political work together and its government managed to run Gaza successfully despite the blockade and the conspiracies made to undermine it.

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