Hamas slams Arab peace committee for accepting land swaps with occupation

Obama_Netanyahu_AbbasThe Hamas Movement strongly denounced the delegation of the Arab peace initiative committee for accepting land swaps with the Israeli occupation state.

“We, in the Hamas Movement, express our deep concern over the statement made by the delegation of the Arab peace initiative to Washington about its approval to swap lands with the occupation,” Hamas stated in a press release on Tuesday.

“We hoped if the Arab ministerial delegation asked Washington to pressure the occupation to stop its settlement activities on our occupied lands,” Hamas added.

“The long experience with the Zionist enemy has taught us that this enemy is looking for more concessions on our rights and our national constants. The occupation does not seek peace and only wants to impose a surrender on our people and nation,” it emphasized.

“It is trying to gain time by talking about the illusion of peace in order to impose a further fait accompli on the ground.”

In a sign that Israel will keep its large illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, Arab foreign ministers have said that they are ready to endorse a new peace plan which includes land swaps and a Palestinian state built on the remaining land within the 1967 borders.

The announcement was made following a meeting held on Monday by an Arab delegation of foreign ministers led by Arab league secretary-general Nabil Al-Arabi with US vice president Joe Biden and secretary of state John Kerry in Washington.

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