Hamas to give big response to Tel Aviv’s stupidity

Hamas-affiliated sources reported that the movement had sent a message through intermediaries that it would respond to any Tel Aviv’s stupidity with a big and unexpected response.

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reported that the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has stressed that as the Zionist aggression increases, the operations of the Resistance forces in the Gaza Strip will continue.

Hamas has also warned that if the Zionist regime increases its aggression, the attacks of the Resistance forces will also increase.

Hamas-affiliated sources told Al-Akhbar that Egypt and the UN envoy to the Middle East Tour Winsland had contacted Hamas to investigate the situation in Quds and Gaza Strip, and quoted the Zionists as saying that Tel Aviv did not intend to escalate the situation in Quds.

According to these sources, Winsland has told Hamas that he will prevent any movement that incites Muslims, but Hamas has said that this is not enough in return for the regime’s negative actions against the Palestinian elections.

The sources reported that Hamas had sent a message through intermediaries that any stupidity [from Tel Aviv] will face a big and unexpected response, especially through assassination operations or attacks on urban infrastructure.

Some sources also reported that Tel Aviv had warned Ramallah via Winsland that it would respond decisively if the missile was fired again, and that these warnings have been about tensions in Quds and the issue of the Palestinian elections as well.

Recent reports indicate that since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, 750 Palestinians have been severely wounded by Zionist militants, and more than 100 people have also been arrested so far in the clashes.

For several consecutive nights, intense clashes and tensions between Zionist occupiers and Palestinian citizens of the occupied Quds have escalated.

On Saturday, Palestinian media reported the artillery attack of the Israeli army on the positions of resistance forces in the Gaza Strip.

In reaction to the recent unrests in occupied Quds, the Head of the Political Bureau of Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said that if the Zionist enemy continues its hostile policy against Quds, there will be no calm.

Ismail Haniyeh said that Quds is not alone in this battle and that the Resistance in Gaza is ready to support the people of Quds.

Meanwhile, Hamas issued a statement Sunday, calling on Resistance groups in the Gaza Strip to keep hand on the trigger and prepare missiles to target vital Zionist facilities.

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