Hamas vows to open “gates of hell” in case of Israeli war on Gaza

images_resheq_1_300_0Hamas warned of dragging the region into a “hotspot” in case Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s threats against Gaza and the Palestinian resistance turn into reality, saying this would open the “gates of hell” on the Israeli occupation.

“The ongoing raids in the West Bank and Gaza are vain Israeli attempts to cover up their irredeemable failure in the issue of the Israeli settlers,” Hamas leader Ezzat al-Resheq said in a statement posted on his Facebook page.

“Netanyahu has proven his incompetence. He has been jumping the wrong way round in the air and misleading the Israeli public with his threats against Gaza and the resistance.”

Resheq said: “Netanyahu risks turning the region into a hotspot. Netanyahu might well take control of the launch, but never the end.”

“The Israeli occupation has no respect for the sanctity of our land, of our honor, our people, our blood, and, above all, of our holy Ramadan month, which have all been desecrated. Yet, our people has stood firm, just as it has many times before, particularly during holy Ramadan,” Resheq concluded.

Hamas further declared in a statement delivered by its spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri that Israel bears the entire responsibility for any potential escalation against the Gaza Strip, warning this would “open the gates of hell” on the Israeli occupation.

“Netanyahu has to remember well that none of his threats really scare Hamas,” the spokesman added.

The Gaza Strip has been targeted with a wave of Israeli raids, which killed a Gazan civilian and left scores of other citizens severely wounded at a time when the notorious, large-scale Israeli military operation in the West Bank has been rounding up dozens of civilians.

Hamas statement came in response to Netanyahu’s threats to take revenge of Hamas after discovering the bodies of the three missing Israeli soldiers.

Netanyahu pointed the finger at Hamas, swearing: “Hamas will pay a heavy price.”

The Israeli cabinet will deliberate over ways to attack Hamas under pretext that they are responsible for the kidnapping, an act that Hamas has neither confirmed nor denied.

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