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Haneyya: World stood speechless before our resistance’s achievements

images_News_2014_08_31_hanaeyya_300_0Deputy Chairman of Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haneyya, and prominent Islamic leader, Sheikh Kamal Khatib, reverberated in statements on Saturday their appreciation of Palestinians’ stand-up fight against the belligerent Israeli offensive on besieged Gaza for over 50 days, dubbing it “a historical battle that holds much in store.”

Haneyya said during a celebration, held by Gaza-based Information Ministry, to honor the 18 media casualties killed during the Israeli offensive on besieged Gaza: “The entire world stood thunderstruck before the potentials of the Palestinian resistance. Our foes recognized that this is so, even before our friends did.”

According to Haneyya, three motives basically gave rise to the historic Gaza victory most notably the military and political flair Hamas has made prove of within and beyond the combat zone.

Heneyya paid tribute to the pro-Gaza media sources broadcasting “the most authentic, most accurate, and most true-to-life” moment-by-moment updates on the fight.

“Palestinian media heroes [and heroines] have not only been the river from which the world’s media outlets quenched their thirst for Gaza news but also the window from which Israeli media peeped at Gaza after they have lost confidence in their leaders.”

Along the same line, deputy head of the Islamic Movement inside of the Green Line, Sheikh Kamal Khatib said on Saturday: “The fact that Gaza rockets reached Tel Aviv and reached the Green Line had of course been far from everybody’s expectations. Gaza sand has rubbed down the arrogance and ego of the so-called “invincible” occupation army.”

“It is high time the nation recognized that from now on the dream of glory can never be made true by begging America, the UN and the Arab regimes on bended knees,” Khatib declared.

“Israel’s attempts to sever the chord that links us all together to one single soil can never manage to turn us blind to the thousands of martyrs, wounded civilians, demolished homes wrought on our blockaded enclave,” Khatib maintained.

“If Netanyahu wants to make up for his defeat and humiliation in Gaza by taking revenge of the Palestinians inside of the Green Line and the Islamic Movement he should bear in mind the following: True we don’t have any mortars, tanks, or arms, but we are part and parcel of who this very soil and who this very nation are,” he added.

In Khatib’s terms, Israel has well to get the drift and recognize, before it is too late, that the very essence of the Palestinian and Arab identity has made many leaps forward in terms of its key-idiosyncrasies, aspirations, and objectives.

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