Haniyeh: Return Marches Won’t Stop, Resistance Weapons Non-Negotiable

Hamas Chief in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, stressed that Return Marches will not stop until meeting the demands of the Palestinian people.

During a conference organized by the Palestinian resistance group in Gaza, Haniyeh said “Return Marches reflect Palestinian people’s power and iconic steadfastness.”

“Marches will not stop until reaching their goals, on top of which is lifting siege on Gaza,” Haniyeh said, stressing that the resistance group “rejects half solutions.”

Hamas chief, meanwhile, stressed on the Palestinian unity by saying: “Hamas doesn’t have enemies in Palestine. Its sole enemy is the Zionist occupation.”

As Haniyeh noted that Hamas is open to all components and entities in the Arab and Muslim Ummah (nation), he stressed that the issue of resistance’s weapons is “non-negotiable.”


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