Head of Russia’s Coronavirus Hospital Who Met With Putin Tests Positive for COVID-19

The head of the hospital in Kommunarka, Moscow, where people with COVID-19 are being treated, Denis Protsenko, has himself been diagnosed with the virus, the medic confirmed on his Facebook page.

“Dear friends, I am deeply touched by your concern. Yes, I tested positive for CoV, but I feel quite good. I self-isolated in my office, where I have everything for remote work, management, and telemedicine consultations. I think that the immunity developed during this month is doing its job… Stay tuned”, he wrote.
Since the doctor recently met with Vladimir Putin, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has addressed the reports, stressing that the president is regularly being tested for coronavirus and that “everything is okay”.

The Russian president visited the new hospital in Kommunarka last week to check the situation surrounding the treatment of those infected with COVID-19.

At the moment, Russia is managing to maintain relatively low numbers of infected with 2,337 confirmed cases and 8 fatalities, while many European countries have become centres of the outbreak – with Italy and Spain showing the highest death tolls at 11,591 and 8,189 respectively.

The country was among the first to introduce travel restrictions with China back in January and has since promoted self-isolation in order to stop the outbreak of COVID-19.

Source: Sputnik

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