Hezbollah Calls on Syrian, Iraqi Peoples to Disavow Takfirists

Hezbollah strongly condemned Thursday the terrorist attacks against Syrian civilians and Iraqi pilgrims, killing and wounding a number in both countries, and causing more pain, suffering, and instability to both dear peoples.

“Hezbollah strongly condemns this absurd killing and bloodshed of innocents to implement a devilish western will that is totally far from divine teachings and human nature,” a statement by Hezbollah Media Relations said, adding that “killing the biggest number of innocents in Syria and Iraq aims at creating sectarian strife as well as planting malice and enmities among citizens of one country.”

“This requires both dear peoples’ determination and disavowal from the criminal Takfiri elements,” it stressed.

Hezbollah further pointed out that “targeting pilgrims’ processions in Hillah and Karbala was a crime against humanity and human conscience, as those killers did not even exclude women, old men, and children who were in a spiritual phase of devoutness, and were seeking to be close to Allah through His faithful guardians.”

In conclusion, Hezbollah held the responsibility of the attacks on Damascus Countryside to the Arab and Western military support to militants, and wondered about “the role of the humanitarian aid that some Lebanese figures are presenting, and in this context, whether this would help in spreading democracy, prosperity, and peace among the Syrian people.”

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