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Hezbollah Condemns Mass Execution by ‘Terrorist Saudi Regime’

Hezbollah denounced the horrible crime committed by Saudi regime against dozens of oppressed people, lashing out at Riyadh’s “awful sectarian discrimination.”

In a statement late Sunday, Hezbollah Media Relation Office said: “The terrorist regime in Saudi Arabia has committed a new crime added to its record full of slaughter and bloodshed of innocents in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and other Arab and Muslim countries, including Lebanon which marks the 37th anniversary of the terrific massacre in Beirut’s Beir Al-Abed.”

“The criminal regime’s move to kill a group of faithful people, from the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen and other countries, without trials or after mock trials reflects the reality of this regime which exerts the ugliest forms of sectarian discrimination against people calling for their minimum rights.”

Hezbollah lashed out at the Saudi regime “as a terrorist one which pretends to follow Islamic beliefs and to safeguard the two holy mosques.”

“This regime serves the Zionist enemy and supports normalization schemes,” the statement said, adding: “Had Saudi Arabia not announced its stances, all treacherous moves by emirates in the Gulf would not have taken place.”

“As Hezbollah decries the crime, it calls on religious references, humanitarian and international organizations, as well as free people across the entire world not to keep silent and to expose its perpetrators before the public opinion.”

Earlier on Saturday, Saudi authorities executed 81 prisoners in a single day for so-called “terror-related offenses,” the largest mass execution carried out by the ultra-conservative Arab kingdom in recent memory.

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