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Hezbollah Delegation Felicitates Islamic Jihad Movement on Gilboa Prisoners Escape

A Hezbollah delegation, led by the Party’s official in Sidon, congratulated the Islamic Jihad Movement in the southern city on the success of the escape operation carried out by six Palestinian prisoners from the Zionist Gilboa jail.

The delegation congratulated, on behalf of Hezbollah command, the Palestinian resistance movement, and hailed the operation as a source of pride for all the Umma.

For his part,  the Islamic Jihad official Shakeeb Al-Ayna, appreciated Hezbollah stances, stressing that what happened is an extension of Al-Quds Sword battle and a source of pride for all the Arabs and Muslims.

Six Palestinian prisoners managed early Monday to escape from the Israeli Gilboa prison, located in Beissan Valley, through a tunnel, they had dug, and moved into an unknown destination.

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