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Hezbollah Denounces as ‘Crime’ US’ Seizure of Pro-Resistance Websites

Hezbollah denounced on Thursday US’ seizure of several pro-Resistance websites, stressing that such move proves Washington’s policy aimed at undermining freedom of speech.

In remarks carried by Al-Manar, Head of Hezbollah’s Media Relations Office Mohamamd Afif described the US move as a “crime par excellence”.

“The seizure of several free websites proves Washington’s policy to undermine free speech under bright but false pretexts,” Afif was quoted as saying.

“The US administration wanted through this vile move to cover up crimes committed by Washington and its allies against the oppressed people of our region, especially in Palestine and Yemen.”

The official voiced Hezbollah solidarity with these media outlets, stressing that any power won’t be able to silence pro-Resistance websites.

“We also call for a wide campaign of solidarity with these websites.” He added.

Earlier on Tuesday, American authorities blocked over 30 pro-Resistance websites, including Iran’s Press TV and Al-Alam, as well as Palestine Today, Nabaa, Al-Massira, Louloua, Al-Kawthar and many others.

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