Hezbollah Denounces Zionist Crime in Palestine

Hezbolalh denounced on Sunday the assassination of the leader of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), Shiekh Zohair al-Qaisi, as a new crime in the Zionist terrorism.

“Hezbollah condemns this terrorist Zionst crime, and what followed it of raids on the Gaza strip which caused the martyrdom of several other Palestinians, especially figures and fighters of the Islamic Jihad movement”, the party said in a statement released by it Media Relations office on Sunday.

“The hand of Zionist crime has been extended for another time to kill one of the resistance figures, writing another chapter in the book of the Zionist terrorism”.

“This new crime is a reminder of the criminality nature which is originated in the mentality of this entity’s leaders, soldiers and settlers”.

The party added that the assassination came at a time the Arabs have been busy to follow the Zionist terrorism and were engaged in their internal affairs.

It also came at a time “some Arabs are drifted by the American-Israeli project which aims at creating new enemies for the Arab people in order to forget the danger of the Zionist offense on the nation, its future and people, especially the Palestinian cause”.

Hezbollah called on the Arab people to “direct its compass and to unite all its efforts in order to free Palestine, all of Palestine form the growing Zionist terrorism which has been absolutely backed by the United States and the West”.

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