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Hezbollah Describes Israeli Demolition of Palestinian Houses in Al-Quds as War Crime

Hezbollah denounced the steps taken by some Arab regimes in the Gulf to normalize ties with the Zionist entity and seize all chances to gain its consent, recalling the economic conference in Bahrain, the meeting between the Bahraini foreign minister and his Israeli counterpart.

In a statement, Hezbollah also mentioned the visit paid by an Arab delegation to Tel Aviv which included a meeting with the PM Benjamin Netanyahu and the numerous meetings between Gulf and Israeli officials in the context of the normalization process.

Hezbollah denounced the normalization steps, considering that they come at the expense of the Palestinian cause and provide the media and political cover for the Israeli crimes against the Jerusalemites (Al-Quds locals), including the latest demolition of a number of buildings which shelter dozens of Palestinian families in southern Al-Quds.

The statement described the demolitions as war crimes that come in the context of the Israeli steps aimed at displacing the Palestinians from their land, isolating Al-Quds (Jerusalem) from its vicinity and promoting the expansionary settlement operations, taking advantage of the American-Arab plot to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

Hezbollah, which sees that the steadfast Palestinians have enough determination and will to confront all the forms of Israeli aggression and create their bright future, calls on the international humanitarian organizations to stand by the oppressed the oppressed people, urging the Arab and Islamic peoples to carry out their duties towards Palestine.

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