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Hezbollah Discusses with Patriarch Rai Risks of His Visit to Jerusalem


Hezbollah’s Political Council head, Sayyed Ibrahim Al AHezbollah Delegation Visits Bkirkimine, on Friday said that his party had relayed to Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rai its position regarding the latter’s visit to Jerusalem and its risks.

“We highlighted the risks and the repercussions on Lebanon of this visit,” Amine emphasized in the wake of the visit, hoping that Rai would reconsider their stance.

On another note, Amine said that talks also featured high on the Presidential deadline, asserting that “the Patriarch stressed the need to hold the Presidential elections on schedule and refused to fall in void,” holding the Deputies responsible for electing a President.

“If there is no consensus on a certain candidate, we will not attend the Presidential elections session,” Amine confirmed, wishing that the Lebanese would eventually reach agreement and a new President would be elected.

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