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Hezbollah Fighters Respond to israel’s Benny Gantz, Reiterate Readiness to Avenge Martyr Ali Mohsen and Defend Lebanon

A group of Hezbollah fighters gathered on Lebanon’s border with the occupied Palestinian territories in order to reiterate allegiance to the Resistance Command and vow confronting any Israeli aggression on Lebanon.

The Resistance fighters stood on one of Aita Shaab hills that directly face the Israeli army’s barrack, Branite, where the enemy’s defense minister Benny Gantz had threatened to deal a major blow to Lebanon if Hezbollah carries out any military operation against the Zionist troops.

The fighters held Hezbollah flags and confirmed they would respond to the Israeli crime of killing the Resistance fighter, martyr Ali Mohsen, in an air raid on Syria in 2020, challenging all Gantz threats.

Hezbollah fighters also positioned several photos of the martyred Resistance leaders in the area on the anniversary of their martyrdom, reiterating allegiance to the Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah.

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