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Hezbollah had the right to send drone into Israel: Iran

Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said on Sunday that Hezbollah had the right to send a drone deep into Israeli airspace.
Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah announced on October 12 that an Iranian-made drone had penetrated tens of kilometers into Israeli airspace and gotten very close to the Dimona nuclear plant, without being detected by advanced Israeli and U.S. radar systems.

Israel shot down the drone on October 6.

Vahidi stated, “Given the Zionist regime’s frequent violations of Lebanese airspace, we regard the flight of the drone of Lebanon’s Hezbollah over the occupied territories as their natural right.

“With this measure, Lebanon’s Hezbollah showed that it is able to be fully prepared for a rainy day.”

Commenting on the assistance that Iran has been providing to Hezbollah, Vahidi said, “The capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran are very enhanced and at the disposal of the Islamic ummah.

“We will use whatever we have at an appropriate time to defend the Muslim ummah and territories, and this is natural.”

The Iranian defense minister also said, “The flight of the drone of Lebanon’s Hezbollah over the occupied territories illustrated the vulnerability of what the Zionist regime calls Iron Dome.”

The measure indicated “a small part” of the capabilities of the Islamic ummah, Vahidi said, adding, “It became clear that the Zionist regime cannot be immune from the ire of the Islamic ummah.”

He stated that the incident shattered the Zionist regime’s myth of invincibility and thus, “it can no longer exercise tyranny over Muslim countries.”

“This achievement has been made thanks to the Islamic resistance and the glorious progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Vahidi added.

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