Hezbollah Hails Security Achievements, Urges Highest Levels of Vigilance

hezbollah_flag (2)Hezbollah on Tuesday strongly denounced the suicide car bombing that rocked the Tayyouneh area north of the capital Beirut at midnight, hailing “the latest security achievements” and urging the Lebanese to show vigilance.

“Terrorism struck again last night in the Tayyouneh area, targeting Lebanon and its security, economy, people and institutions, which resulted in the martyrdom of one person and the wounding of several others, along with destruction in a dear Lebanese region,” the party said in a statement.

“Expressing deep distress over the continued criminal wave of terror against the country and its people, Hezbollah strongly condemned this cowardly act and its perpetrators,” the statement read.

The party extended the warmest condolences to the family of slain General Security member Abdul Karim Hodroj, saying “he sacrificed his blood to rescue civilians after intercepting the criminal terrorist.”

“Hezbollah hails the latest achievements of the relevant military and security agencies, urging them to continue their blessed efforts to foil criminal conspiracies and plots against Lebanon and the Lebanese,” the statement added.

The party also called on the Lebanese to “show the highest levels of vigilance and responsibility to thwart the plans of those who are plotting against the country and its people,” Hezbollah statement concluded.

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