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Hezbollah: Istanbul Attack Shall Unify the Stance against Terrorism

Hezbollah strongly condemns the heinous terrorist bombing that targeted the city of Istanbul, killing and wounding a large number of civilians, a statement issued on Monday by its relation media read.

The resistance party extended its condolences to the Turkish government and people, expressing sincere sympathy with families of the victims on “agonies already suffered by the people of the region and especially the Lebanese.”

“We believe that the whole world, especially the governments and peoples of our region, are required to take a firm stance against all the savage and terrorist groups at all levels whether politically, intellectually or practically,” Hezbollah said, adding that no country in the world is immune from their severe detriments and dangers.

In this context, Hezbollah called for action and for a unified stance against this phenomenon and its dangerous security repercussions.

The blast on the iconic Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul killed six people and injured 81, according to the latest tally. Five of the injured are in intensive care, including two in a critical condition.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu announced early on Monday that a woman accused of dropping a backpack bomb on a busy pedestrian street in the historic center of Istanbul on Sunday has been detained, along with nearly two dozen other suspects reportedly linked to Kurdish “terrorist groups”.

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