Hezbollah-linked al-Manar TV airs footage of attack on Israeli positions

The Arabic-language al-Manar satellite television station affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has aired new footage of a recent attack on Israeli positions in the occupied territories.

The video footage starts with a description of Avivim settlement in northern Israel, and the nearby military base that Israeli troops had abandoned prior to the assault.

It further notes that the Avivim military base includes command centers, and that around 100 officers and soldiers are stationed at the facility under usual circumstances, who are responsible for various military tasks, including intelligence and maintenance.

The video then shows two empty personnel carriers, which the Israeli military had parked in the vicinity of the base in an attempt to deceive Hezbollah members, and how resistance fighters avoid civilian vehicles passing before the main target shows up.

PressTV-Hezbollah says targets Israeli military vehicle

Hezbollah fighters then fired two missiles at the Israeli military vehicle, sending it up in flames and apparently fully destroying it.

Hezbollah’s attack came in response to an Israeli air raid last week that killed two of its fighters in Syria, as well as an Israeli drone attack on southern Beirut.

According to the Lebanese resistance movement, the missiles launched from Lebanon destroyed an armored personnel carrier in Avivim, killing or wounding those inside it. The Israeli military, however, alleged the attack did not lead to any casualties while adding that it had fired 100 shells into Lebanon in return.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Sunday called upon the international community to “intervene” to prevent the situation from escalating into a full-fledged war, his office said.

Hariri asked US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and French President Emmanuel Macron’s foreign policy adviser, Emmanuel Bonne, to help put an end to conflicts on the southern borders between Lebanon and Israel.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Saturday evening that the resistance movement was determined to give a response to Israel over its recent drone incursion into Lebanon.

PressTV-Hezbollah firm on response to Israeli attack: Nasrallah

“The need for a response is decided,” he said during a televised speech ahead of the Islamic lunar calendar month of Muharram – the 10th day of which marks the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, the third Shia Imam and Prophet Muhammad’s grandson.

The Hezbollah chief added that the response was about “establishing the rules of engagement and… the logic of protection for the country. Israel must pay a price.”

PressTV-Lebanon’s PM, pres. slam Israeli drone incursion

On August 26, Hezbollah said Israel had sent two drones into Lebanon on a bombing mission the previous weekend.

According to the resistance movement, the first drone had fallen on a building housing Hezbollah’s media office in the suburb of Dahieh. The second drone, which appeared to have been sent by Israel to search for the first one, had crashed in an empty plot nearby after being detonated in the air, it added.

PressTV-‘Hezbollah to counter Israeli drones, shoot them down’

Following the drone raids, Nasrallah vowed in a televised speech that fighters of the resistance movement would counter any further violation of the Lebanese airspace by Israeli drones.

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