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Hezbollah Military Power Equals That of States, Not Organizations: Zionist Media

The Zionist media has newly highlighted Hezbollah military power, considering that it equals that of states, not organizations and small movements.

Yedioth Ahronoth military correspondent Yoav Zaytoun stressed that Hezbollah has developed its military capabilities and become more daring in facing ‘Israel’.

Zaytoun considered that Hezbollah attempt to down an Israeli drone and its rocketry attack on the Israeli military vehicle in Avivim are serious antecedents since 2006, adding that the party deployed on border dozens of its fighters equipped with anti-armored missiles and seized the chance just when the Zionist carrier mistakenly appeared.

The Israeli military correspondent revealed that the enemy is conducting secret drills and installing artillery batteries to face Hezbollah, describing its as Israel’s first enemy in the Middle East.

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