Hezbollah MP: No One Can Twist Our Arm!

Head of Hezbollah’s Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc MP Mohammad Raad downplayed accusations that the new government, which is to be formed by Prime Minister-designate Hassan Diab, is of one color, stressing the need to form an effective government that meets the demands and face current challenges.

The bloc held on Saturday a meeting with Prime Minister-designate Hassan Diab as part of non-binding consultations aimed at forming new government.

Following the meeting, MP Raad said the bloc discussed with Diab ways that guarantee the success of the government formation, stressing the need to form a government that represents all Lebanese powers.

“The more the government is well represented by all factions the more time we save and achievements we have.” Raad said, as quoted by Lebanese media.

“No one wants a one-color government that may poses challenge to some factions,” he stressed, noting that the new government has to end the sufferings of the Lebanese people and ensure security and stability in the country.

The government should also put the right mechanisms to deal with the critical economic and social conditions of the country, the Hezbollah MP said, affirming that the government should put plans which aim at holding corrupt officials accountable.

“We need a government that preserves the victories achieved against the Zionist enemy and defends the country’s sovereignty and wealth against the Zionist threats, assaults and violations.”

Meanwhile, he noted that the ministers should not only be experts, but figures with national spirit who feels with the people’s sufferings.

MP Raad stressed on the importance of unity between the Lebanese components.

“We should all cooperate. We won’t allow our enemy to undermine our unity or rejoice at our misfortune,” he said stressing: “No one will twist the Lebanese people’s arm.”

Source: Lebanese media (Translated by Al-Manar English Website)

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