Hezbollah Parliamentary Delegation Hands Lebanese FM Petition in Protest of US Ambassador’s Interventions, Calls on Him to Take Action

Loyalty to Resistance Parliamentary bloc on Monday handed the Lebanese foreign minister Nassif Hitti a petition in protest of the US ambassador Dorothy Shea’s intervention in the domestic affairs and instigation of Lebanese groups against each other.

Head of the bloc, Hajj Mohammad Raad, led the delegation which also urged Hitti to tale action against the US diplomat and draw her attention to the international conventions.

The delegation blasted the unrestrained movement of Shea whose recent statements did not respect the diplomatic norms and stirred sedition among the Lebanese segments.

The delegation also stressed that the Lebanese people and condemn the diplomatic violations of the US administration “which always support the Israeli aggression on Lebanon”.

The petition stresses that the US ambassador’s intervention violates the provisions of Vienna Convention, adding that holding a Lebanese party accountable for the economic crisis and interfering in the financial appointments in Lebanon is completely rejected.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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