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Hezbollah: Penetration of ‘israeli’ Collaborator into Lebanon Indicates Presence of Gaps

Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc held its regular meeting at its headquarters in Haret Hreik, tackling latest developments in Lebanon and the region.

After the meeting, the bloc issued a statement in which it called for treating the gaps which allowed the Israeli collaborator Amer Fakhoury in order not to let similar cases be repeated, which provokes all the Lebanese.

Hezbollah bloc also hailed the Resistance downing of a Zionist drone after violating Lebanon’s airspace, highlighting the importance of preventing the enemy from threatening the national security.

The statement also stressed that the bloc is against imposing any tax or salary cut against the poor in 2020 budget law, denouncing the US sanctions against a segment of the Lebanese and considering that all the Lebanese would be affected.

Regionally, the bloc called for ending the US-Saudi war on Yemen, stressing that the condemnation of the Yemeni acts of responseencourages its the aggression states to escalate it.

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