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Hezbollah Voices Solidarity with Khalil, Finianos: US Sanctions Policy Will Fail in Lebanon

Hezbollah issued Wednesday a statement in which it responded to the decision taken by the US Treasury Department to impose sanctions on the two former ministers Ali Hasan Khalil and Youssef Finianos, stressing that “it is a badge of honor for the two dear friends and all who are accused by the US administration of being resistant”.

Hezbollah stressed that the US administration is a terrorist authority that spreads havoc and destruction all over the world and sponsors the Zionist and takfiri terror in the Middle East, adding, accordingly, it does not have the right to label the resistant and honorable as terrorist.

“All what is issued by the US administration is denounced and rejected.”

Hezbollah emphasized that the US sanctions policy won’t be able to achieve its targets in Lebanon, nor will it manage to subdue the Lebanese and oblige them to relinquish their sovereign and national rights, adding, on the contrary, it will reinforce their commitment to their free decision, complete sovereignty and national dignity.

“The stances taken by the Amal Movement and Al-Marada leader confirm this fact.”

Hezbollah voiced solidarity with and support to Khalil and Finianos, hailing their firm and sacrificial stances for the sake of defending Lebanon as well as its freedom and dignity.

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