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Hezbollah: We’ve Chosen to Be with Our People against Oppressive US

Hezbollah Deputy Chief, Sheikh Naim Qassem, said that the US stance towards the region’s issues is an oppressive one and against the people’s interests.

In remarks published by Hezbollah’s Media Relations Office, Sheikh Qassem referred to US stance from the Palestinian cause, noting that the US administration and President Donald Trump have repeatedly voiced support to the Zionist entity and the so-called ‘deal of century’ which is aimed against the Palestinian people.

The Hezbollah official called on those who bet on the US to solve the issue of Syrian refugees to remember that the US is the main cause of the crisis in Syria, noting that Washington was behind the destruction of the war-hit country through deploying Takfiris there.

“The long war in Syria is because of the US which is now hindering the settlement there,” Sheikh Qassem said, stressing meanwhile that the US schemes in Syria have been foiled.

“The US is turning from a defeat into another, but it doesn’t want to acknowledge,” Sheikh Qassem said, noting that Washington has been using hideous schemes in a bid to destabilize Syria.

He also lashed out at some Arab states over destabilizing the region, noting that they are backed by the US.

“We have no choice but to rely on Allah, be powerful and resist. Through resistance we forced Israel out of Lebanon. Through resistance we managed to impose the equation of deterrence. Through resistance Lebanon and Palestine managed to confront Israel. Through resistance we wiped out the Takfiri terrorism in the region. Through resistance we dealt blows to the US and prevented Washington from achieving its goals in our region.”

Sheikh Qassem noted meanwhile that there are two choices: either to be with the oppressive US, or to be with the people of the region.

“We have chosen to be the people of the region. And as we have managed to defend our choices we will defend our independence, stability and the future of our people,” Sheikh Qassem said, stressing that despite all pressure and sanctions imposed against the Resistance Front, this front will triumph.

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