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Hezbullah war against CIA, israeli agents successful

Lebanese Member of parliament Hassan Fadlallah stressed that the secret security war the resistance is waging against the American and “israeli” intelligence agencies is achieving “resounding results despite the fact that was is announced is only a little of the results.”

Stating that the resistance is to point the proper time for these operations, Fadlalah told “al-Manar” Lebanese channel that the strike the resistance made against CIA was so strong that the US was obliged to uncover to leak it.”

“The resistance achievements are due to the developed to the humanitarian and logistic techniques of the resistance parallel to the central point resembled by loyalty, sacrifices, and attention,” the MP clarified.

Revealing that “any information gathered by the CIA agents would be sent to the “Israelis”,” Fadlallah called for “implementing the law on punishing spies working for “israel” and foreign countries.”

“The priorities of the American and “israeli” intelligence in Lebanon are to target and strike the resistance,” Fadlallah added noting that the Secretary General of Hizbullah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is a permanent target of these intelligence services.”

“His last appearance on the tenth day of Muharram is a great challenge and a message to them,” he confirmed pointing out that “the resistance’s program and agenda will continue in isolation from all the challenges and controversies that are taking place.”

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