‘High morale of Iranians defeats enemies’

Iran’s Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi said that high morale of the Iranian nation has prevented the enemies from achieving their mischievous goals, and lauded the Basij (volunteer forces) for their commitment to the lofty goals of the Islamic Revolution.

According to IRNA, he noted that all Iranians have the spirit of Basijis (volunteer forces) and they have foiled the enemies’ plots by their vigilance.
Moslehi added “The enemies of Islam and Iran’s Islamic Revolution have found out that as long as the Iranians have Basiji morale their plots will get nowhere and such morale will prevent the enemies from achieving their goals.”
He noted that a large number of Iranian elites have been nurtured in Basij school.
The intelligence ministers added ‘The enemies are afraid of the Basiji spirit which can be seen in the Iranian elite.”

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