High-Ranking Saudi Officers Purchase Arms from European States for ISIL



Recently-released documents revealed that a number of high-ranking Saudi military men are involved in buying weapons for the ISIL terrorist group from the European countries, specially Britain.

Based on the documents revealed by Al-Kawn news, the British BAE Systems Company, expert in arms production, has equipped the ISIL with weapons with the Saudi officers paying the price.

Leaked documents indicate that Colonel Obaid al-Harbi, an employee of al-Jubail naval base in Saudi Arabia, has purchased military equipment from the British BAE Systems company to arm the ISIL.

He has met several times with Paul Avent, responsible for selling arms of British companies to Saudi Arabia.

The documents also mention the names of several other Saudi Arabian nationals whose cooperation helped al-Harbi smuggle arms from Britain to Saudi Arabia.

According to the documents, Saudi Arabia has purchased arms worth $48 billion from Britain until 2011, and since 2011, the purchase of arms has increased 25 percent.

The 25 percent increase in arms deal is related to the purchases by Colonel al-Harbi under the supervision of Saudi Defense Minister and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The weapons are smuggled from the British coasts to Ukraine and Turkey, the shores of Syria and the Kurdish region in Iraq and then are transferred to the ISIL and other terrorist groups.

It is estimated that Colonel al-Harbi has purchased arms worth $44 billion for the ISIL and other terrorist groups during the years 2011-2015.

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